Programs and Services

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I offer coaching programs and services tailored to you and your unique needs.


Integral Kick-Start Coaching:

You will receive:

  • One 90-minute intake conversation to clarify the topic and provide an initial assessment
  • A thorough, customized written coaching program prepared by me,  after the intake
  • One 60-90 minute offer conversation – to align the coaching program based on our discussion, complete with your first practice: a self-assessment and reflection questions to get you started on your journey.
  • Three 60-minute coaching conversations to discuss progress/challenges and three new practices with reflection questions.
  • One 60-minute completion conversation – to highlight your progress and discuss next steps
  • Email support between conversations
  • Follow-up conversation 3-6 months post-program

Your commitment:

  • Meeting every 2-3 weeks
  • Engaging in each practice and completing reflection questions prior to each coaching session
  • Desire for deep and lasting change

Your investment:

  • $2,100 + HST for one 3-4 month coaching program (plus $225 + HST for each additional coaching session, as requested)
  • Payment will be billed in 2 instalments: ½ cost prior to first session, and remaining ½ to be billed at the end of month 2. Monthly payment plans are available upon request
  • Payment will be accepted by cheque or online transfer
  • Coaching sessions are held in person

This coaching program spans 3-4 months in duration, encompassing 6 sessions with coaching meetings taking place every 2-3 weeks. A program focuses on a specific “topic” – an area of your life where you feel “stuck”, or something meaningful to you that you would like to work on. The program is designed around this topic, complete with 3 developmental objectives to help you experience progress.   The program and practices are uniquely created between the coach and client. Each practice is a specific “doing” – something that takes you out of your comfort zone in a supportive environment, designed to help you achieve deep and lasting change.

(Note: price quoted above is based on personal investment. Please contact me to discuss pricing for corporate coaching services).


Career transition services:

These services can complement your coaching program, or be used “a-la-carte”, depending on your need. Career transition services are 1 hour in length, and include:

  • Clarifying career goals and targeting job search
  • Personal branding
  • Resume review and feedback
  • Interview coaching and feedback
  • Networking strategies and support
  • Social media presence (eg. LinkedIn)

Your investment: $150 + HST per one-hour session

(Note: price quoted above is based on personal investment.  Please contact me to discuss pricing for corporate career transition services).